99% of providers surveyed would recommend CareCredit Direct™ to another office.¹ 99% of providers surveyed would recommend CareCredit Direct™ to another office.¹
Install free web-based software now on any patient or client-dedicated device.
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All-digital, all-in-one
financing experience.

CareCredit Direct lets patients or clients directly connect with CareCredit right in your practice, so they can get the care you recommend now.

  • Web-based software that is compatible with most devices.
  • Quickly install on as many patient- or client-dedicated PCs or tablets in your practice as you'd like.
  • Customize the promotional financing options you want patients or clients to see, including transaction minimums.

Immediate: access to payment and your care.

  • Patients or clients can learn about, calculate monthly payments and apply for the CareCredit credit card and get an instant credit decision.
  • Once approved, they can use their card the same day for transactions of any size.²
  • They can choose from promotional financing options you accept to pay for the care they want or need without leaving your practice.

Friendly: simple interface delivers just what patients want.

  • Private and secure: financing information is shared directly with CareCredit; no personal data is stored on the device.
  • Choice and transparency: they select the financing option that best fits their needs and instantly receive complete promotional and monthly payment information.

Streamlined: more time for patient care.

  • No need to manage the entire application process, collect sensitive financial information or share credit decisions.
  • Clear and complete promotional financing information is provided by CareCredit.
  • Eliminate the need to retain signed applications. Simply provide a printed copy of the terms and conditions from the paper CareCredit application.

¹ CareCredit Direct User Survey March 2016 by Inquire Market Research.

² Subject to credit approval.

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