CareCredit Direct™ The timesaving financial solution for your busy practice. CareCredit Direct™ The timesaving financial solution for your busy practice.

Why CareCredit Direct?

This all-digital and completely self-guided experience allows patients or clients to apply directly for the CareCredit® credit card on their own, while in your practice. They can learn about CareCredit, calculate estimated payments, apply and get an instant credit decision. And if approved, they can use their CareCredit credit card and transact immediately.¹

It also streamlines the CareCredit application process for your team or office, with no need to explain the details of financing or manage the application process, so you can focus on your priority‑providing care.

For Your Practice For Your Patients


The education is on us

  • Timesaving‑your patients learn on their own about the benefits of CareCredit and how it works
  • No more explaining promotional financing‑means more time for care

Self-guided educational experience

  • Self-guided and easy-to-understand experience
  • They can learn about CareCredit to see their financial options at their own pace, right in the practice


Easier and faster application process

  • Instant decision
  • Less paperwork to manage
  • Saves time with streamlined digital process
  • No more need to collect sensitive financial information or share credit declinations

Faster process for same-day treatment (if approved)

  • Simple, streamlined process to apply
  • Immediate credit decision
  • No paperwork to fill out‑it's all digital
  • Private and secure


Customize the financing options

  • Select the promotional financing options you want your patients or clients to see
  • No more need to explain the details of the estimated monthly payments

Enhanced calculation tool makes things easier

  • Easily calculate monthly payments to better understand the financial impact
  • Explore all the promotions available
  • Fully transplant financial options and minimum payments


Upgraded payment and transaction control

  • Control promotional financing options your patients can see and choose from
  • Complete the transaction immediately (if approved)¹
  • Set minimum transaction amounts

Make and keep track of all transactions

  • Pay directly on the device, while in the office
  • They choose the promotional financing option that's right for themselves
  • Pay immediately with the CareCredit credit card (if approved)¹
  • No need to reapply‑the credit card can be used at every visit

How does the pay feature work?

The pay feature allows your patients or clients to choose the promotional financing option that’s right for themselves and pay directly on the device.

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When to offer CareCredit

CareCredit can help you offer your patients or clients the care they need, when they need it. Let CareCredit Direct handle the financing discussion through the self-guided experience, which will educate them on the process and let them apply directly.

Need an iPad® for your office?

iPad® with LaunchPort® BaseStation

To help create the ultimate financing experience with CareCredit Direct, we've made it simple and affordable to get an iPad bundle for your office.

6 months free trial³ then $9.95/month

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LaunchPort BaseStation

The LaunchPort BaseStation is a table-top mount and inductive charger for your iPad. iPad not included. Supported with iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (9.7 inch) or iPad (2017 edition).

(Was $348.00) $95

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iPort® Charge Case and Stand

The charge stand adjusts to three different mounting angles, and the case protects the iPad from potential accidental drops or nudges. iPad not included. Supported with iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (9.7 inch) or iPad (2017 edition).

(Was $169.99) $65

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Need to install CareCredit Direct?

CareCredit Direct should be installed directly on any patient- or client-dedicated tablet or PC with an Internet connection.

¹ Subject to credit approval.

² Offer valid on 36-month lease of equipment. After a 6 month free trial period, the net amount of the Monthly Program Fee will be $9.95 per month for the remaining 30 months of the program term (lessee's account will be debited the normal monthly program fee of $24.60 and credited back $14.65 each of the 30 months). iPad must be returned after 36 months. Charges will continue until device is returned. See Product Use Agreement for full terms and conditions of Program Fee Option.

³ CareCredit will send you a tablet to use (CareCredit or its third party provider will retain ownership over the device). No payment is due for the first 6 months of the Monthly Program Fee term. After that, on a monthly basis the bank account CareCredit has on file for your practice will be debited the Monthly Program Fee. Term of use is 36 months, including the 6 month free trial period.

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