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Urgent care vs emergency room

Interested in financing primary & urgent care procedures?

When you need care right away, the emergency room isn't your only option. If the situation isn't life-threatening, an urgent care center may be able to provide the care you need more quickly - and at a much lower cost.

Urgent Care

A typical Urgent Care visit is
The typical Urgent Care visit takes
1 hour2

When to consider Urgent Care

Cold and flu
Sprains and strains
Cuts and stitches
Sore throat, ears, or eyes

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Emergency Room

The average ER visit is
The average ER visit takes
2.25 hours3

When to consider Emergency Room

Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Broken bones
Head or abdominal pain
Open wounds
Overdose or chemical ingestion

Up to 80% of all ER visits could be handled by an Urgent Care4

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Interested in financing primary & urgent care procedures?

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