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Pet check up timeline

Interested in financing veterinary procedures?

Just like humans, pets sometimes feel anxious and tense. Often, the underlying cause is health-related — perhaps pain from an aching tooth or arthritic hip, discomfort from an upset stomach or distress from another ailment. The best way to uncover such issues and return your pet to normal is a visit to your veterinarian.

When you go, you may find it helpful to come prepared with specific questions to ask your veterinarian, particularly if you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your pet. The questions below are based on your pet’s age and can help you start the conversation. They’re handy whether your dog or cat has a current problem, or you’re simply planning for an annual exam.

0 - 12 months

  • What, how often and how much should I feed my pet?
  • What is the recommended vaccination plan for my pet?
  • Should I microchip my pet?

13 months - 6 years

  • What’s a healthy weight for my pet?
  • How do I keep my pet’s teeth clean?
  • How much activity does my pet need?

7 years - 10 years

  • How do I know when it’s time for a professional dental cleaning?
  • What signs of aging should I watch for?

11+ years

  • Should my pet have a blood test or urinalysis?
  • Does my pet’s diet need to change?

For a more comprehensive list of questions, download these feline and canine healthcare checklists created by Partners for Healthy Pets and CareCredit. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you can use our Provider Locator to find a local veterinarian who accepts your CareCredit card, for worry-free financing options.


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Interested in financing veterinary procedures?

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